WSUS Automated Maintenance©

Indexes the WSUS Database

Add WSUS Index Optimization to the database to increase the speed of many database operations in WSUS by approximately 1000-1500 times faster.

Remove Drivers

Remove all Drivers from the WSUS Database and keeps them clean (Default; Optional).

Decline Multiple Types of Updates

Shrink your WSUS Content folder’s size by declining multiple types of updates including by default any superseded updates, preview updates, expired updates, and more.

Remove Declined Updates

Remove declined updates from the WSUS Database

Clean Synchronization Logs

Clean out all the synchronization logs that have built up over time (configurable, with the default keeping the last 14 days of logs).

Computer Object Cleanup

Computer Object Cleanup (configurable, with the default of deleting computer objects that have not synced within 30 days).