AJ Tek’s vision is to make IT simple and automated for other IT Professionals just like ourselves. Our flagship product is WSUS Automated Maintenance ©, or WAM © for short. This system performs all of the necessary tasks that a WSUS Administrator has to do to maintain their WSUS properly, leaving only the approving of updates and reporting for the WSUS Administrator to complete.

But where did the inspiration for WAM © originally come from? Our fearless leader Adam J. Marshall of course!

After years of working with WSUS, Adam was actively searching for a way to automate his daily maintenance tasks so he could free up time to work on more pressing issues. When he was unable to find a suitable solution, Adam set out to create a software that could help not just himself, but everyone in the IT industry! Since its first inception, WAM © has become an industry leader in WSUS automated maintenance and is used by system administrators and IT professionals alike worldwide! For more information on the beginnings of WAM ©, click here to check out a Q&A with Adam!

Adam is also proud to carry the distinction of being a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), awarded to him for his work and contributions in “Windows and Devices for IT”. For more information on this prestigious title and award, click here!