Dan Hoyt

Dan Hoyt

Support Consultant

Hey all! I’m Dan and I’ve been a computer and electronics geek my whole life.

I used to hang out at the local Radio Shack and, at 12 years old, was in the store when the first TRS-80 arrived. I helped the managed unbox the Model I Level I and set it up, then read all the manuals cover to cover. I was hooked and I’ve been working on or with computers ever since.

At every job I’ve had I would find out where the computer was and offer to help with things but it wasn’t until 1995 that I got my first full-time job working in IT. I started out as desktop support and progressed through the ranks to Server Admin, Novell and eDirectory at the time.

In 1999 I started working for the University of Wisconsin System at their Fond du Lac campus and was part of the team that developed the first Active Directory in the State. I’ve since gone on to design multiple AD installations and I’m currently working for a global manufacturer on their infrastructure team and will be architecting the next version of their Active Directory managing 85,000 accounts on 55,000 workstations via 135 Domain Controllers in 25 nations. I LOVE IT!!

While working at the UW Oshkosh campus I was introducted to WSUS for the first time. It was “version one” but I saw the value of being able to patch all our Microsoft-based systems from a central source and took that role as part of my job duties. At a Microsoft T2 conference in the early 2000’s ended up presenting WSUS v2 to the audience because the guy who was there didn’t have any real experience with it. I was rewarded with my very own Microsoft employee shirt! (I told you I was a geek – Lol)

I’ve been through all versions of WSUS and have a deep understanding of how it works. But, when I came across Adam’s WSUS Automated Maintenance product I was blown away. The company I worked for then had 17 WSUS servers managing their various tiers (workstations, servers, and Domain Controllers) and we were always rebuilding them because it was faster than troubleshooting. I had worked with Microsoft to try and resolve some of our issues regarding the SUSDB maintenace when a colleague pointed me to WAM. All of my trouble with WSUS went away and that company is still a WAM subscriber!

During Covid the company was forced to downsize and I sent a message to Adam asking if he was hiring, which is how I came to work as a support consultant for the product I had come to appreciate so much.

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