Access to the Right People Means Getting Things Done

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I have come across an anomaly in the Windows 10 software through our work here at AJ Tek and helping out in the community. It only occurs in particular circumstances, but it does appear somewhat regularly and frustrates the user.

Rather than the slow and winding road through technical support, which is the normal course of action for users and MVPs alike, I was able to send along my concern in the express lane. I went straight to the engineers at Microsoft that are responsible for the WSUS software, as I was able to get a prearranged meeting with them at the Global MVP Summit conference in Seattle.

Five of them attended the meeting to hear and take in my feedback. I told them about the problem that I had come across while helping others in the community and the particular circumstances that seemed to have caused it. They took notes at the meeting of the feedback that I provided and a few weeks after the MVP Summit, the engineers reached out to me to say that they couldn’t replicate the problem. They requested logs and I answered by sending them my logs and a full detailed description of the events. After reviewing the logs, they came back acknowledging that there was indeed a problem, and that they now recognized that it as a bug and opened a bug report to get the issue fixed. They expect it to be fixed in a future Windows 10 software release. Our clients and the community will benefit from this fix and it will allow Windows 10 to become more manageable with updates and IT operation requirements.

I want to send a big thank you to the people of Microsoft who met with me to allow me to voice the feedback from myself and the community. Who knows how long it would have taken to identify, replicate and fix this bug if I went through the normal method of the technical support desk. Having direct access to the right people accelerates the process and makes Windows better for everyone.

Access to the right people means getting things done.

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