How Long Does WAM Take to Clean WSUS?

clean WSUS

On most new systems, WAM can clean WSUS in under 72 hours; however, older systems with slower processing power could take longer.

Older hardware—especially systems between 2010 and 2012—can slow down when it comes to removing obsolete updates. While many systems will clear this step in minutes or just a few hours, some systems require days. The benefit of WAM is that you can let the software run in the background, there’s no input needed by the user.

If you’re concerned about the amount of the time WAM is taking to clean WSUS, you can check the progress using SQL Server Management Studio and connecting to the Windows Internal Database (WID).

Once connected, open a new query window and paste in the following code:


EXEC spGetObsoleteUpdatesToCleanup

This will return the number of rows left to process. Make note of that number and re-run again in an hour. The second run should return fewer rows to be processed. Subtract the two numbers to find out how many records per hour WAM is processing. From this, you can gauge how long it’s going to take.

If you want to speed up the process, cancel the existing run, increase the Application Pool Memory, and then restart -FirstRun. You can also stop the WSUS Service to help increase speed.

To restart -FirstRun, open the WAM Shell (Windows Menu > Programs > AJ Tek > WSUS Automated Maintenance > WAM Shell) and run:

.\Clean-WSUS.ps1 -FirstRun

To check to see your application pool memory settings by using the WAM Shell run:

.\Clean-WSUS.ps1 -DisplayApplicationPoolMemory

If it is less than 4GB, set it to 4GB:

.\Clean-WSUS.ps1 -SetApplicationPoolMemory 4096

If it is 4GB or more and less than 8GB, set it to 8GB:

.\Clean-WSUS.ps1 -SetApplicationPoolMemory 8192

If it is already 8GB or higher, set it to Unlimited:

.\Clean-WSUS.ps1 -SetApplicationPoolMemory 0

In most applications, WAM can clean WSUS in 2-72 hours; however, older and neglected systems can take days. It’s perfectly normal to have the software running for days. You don’t need to check on anything or stop the process. Just let WAM work in the background and wait for the WSUS Cleanup Results email.

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