The Newest Version of WAM is Now Available

by | Last updated 2023.07.25 | Published on 2020.07.29 | Blog, WSUS

We’re constantly evolving our software to ensure it stays up to date and is providing the best experience for our users. We are happy to announce that the newest version of WAM is now available to all active licensed users!

What can you expect in the latest version?

  • Feature: Add-Notice – for adding recommendation notices, and future alert errors and informational notices to the reports.
  • Feature: Add-Notice if the Application Pool Memory is lower than 4GB.
  • Feature: Redesigned the Remove Declined Updates Stream completely.
  • Feature: Added Domain Controller systems to rename with RenameOSDescriptions.
  • Feature: Added Hyper-V systems to rename with RenameOSDescriptions.
  • Installer: Add system requirements detection and present a new screen that better informs the user when system requirements are not installed.

All active licenses of WAM are now able to access the features and installer upgrades in the newest version. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to reach out for support.

Why Choose WAM?
WAM is the easiest to use WSUS automated maintenance software. WAM uses PowerShell & SQL to carry out the maintenance outlined in Microsoft’s recommended maintenance guide, plus includes additional tasks. The software runs daily—far exceeding even Microsoft’s own recommendations of monthly maintenance. WAM is extremely easy to set up and has been shown to significantly shrink used disk space. (In fact, our current removal record holder sits at 1636.88 GB).

WAM is available as a yearly license through AJ Tek. Licenses are extremely affordable, starting at only $90 USD a year for a single/upstream license! You’ll also have access to prompt online support for the length of your subscription.

Easily purchase WAM online and save time on WSUS maintenance.

At AJ Tek, our vision is to make IT simple and automated for other IT professionals. Our flagship product is WAM, WSUS Automated Maintenance. This system performs all of the tasks that a WSUS Administrator needs to do to maintain WSUS properly only leaving the approving of updates and reporting to the WSUS Administrator.

Interested in past release notes? You can find them on our site.

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