Create a base GPO – “WSUS – Location”
Create a GPO named “WSUS – Location” to JUST point to the FQDN of the WSUS Server on port 8530/8531 (or 80/443 for Server 2008) for all 3 locations (intranet update service, intranet statistics server, and the alternate download server).

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Upgrades from WSUS
If you are going to handle upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 10 latest streams in WSUS (eg, 1511 to 1607 or 1703 or 1709 or 1803) also known as Windows as a Service (WaaS), there are 3 things you need to do on Server 2012 or Server … Read More

Create Computer Groups
Expand Computers and then expand All Computers and you will see “Unassigned Computers” as the only computer container in there. We’re going to create 4 new ones. Right click on All Computers and choose “Add Computer Group…”. Create the 4 below.

Test – Servers
Test – Workstations

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In this 8 part series, we’ll go over a good strategy on setting up Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and managing it through the use of test groups approval processing, and more. Sometimes WSUS may also be referred to as Windows Update Server (WUS) or Software Update Point (SUP) and … Read More