WAM 2024.07: Updates and Improvements

by | Published on 2024.07.10 | Blog

We’re excited to announce the release of WAM 2024.07, packed with improvements designed to streamline your WSUS maintenance experience. This update tackles bugs, introduces new functionalities, and enhances existing features. Let’s dive into the details:

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an upgrade script issue that prevented merging renamed keys. A one-time fix will be automatically applied to affected user configurations during the upgrade process.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed DeclineMultipleTypesOfUpdates output having its Syntax column truncated.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed InstallTask not using the proper domain name when working with a remote SQL server.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Fix InstallTask not working on certain locales.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed missing notification in IISConfiguration.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed rare edge-case breaking WAM when a variable named DNSHostName was present when executing WAM.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some of WAM’s SQL scripts not supporting Server 2008 R2’s WID. Please note that this is a best-effort attempt to fix these issues, and certain scripts are still not fixed, such as DatabaseStoredProcedureOptimization and SQLDatabaseShrink.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the ARM64 decline declining Microsoft Edge updates. The updates should instead be declined using the Microsoft Edge decline and its settings.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the ComputerUpdates32bit decline declining x86 Edge WebView runtime updates.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the CSS in the WAM report expanding beyond its intended size.

New Features:

  • -TroubleshootTask: This new feature assists with diagnosing errors encountered in WAM’s scheduled tasks.
  • Expanded Language Support: WAM now boasts support for 16 additional languages, catering to a wider user base.
  • WsusPool Application Pool Check: A safeguard has been implemented to ensure the WsusPool application pool is running before WAM execution.
  • Persistent Update Notification: A gentle reminder will now appear, prompting users to upgrade to the latest WAM version.
  • Sorting in RenameOSDescriptions: Sorting functionality has been added to RenameOSDescriptions for better organization.
  • Windows 11 24H2 Support: RenameOSDescriptions now offers compatibility with Windows 11 24H2.
  • UPN Support for Service Accounts: WAM now allows the use of UPNs (User Principal Names) for service accounts.
  • Notification Enhancements:
    • CheckSimpleRecoveryModel: This notification warns users if the WSUS database recovery model deviates from the recommended SIMPLE model.
    • WsusContentUNCSharePermissionsAnonymous: This notification checks UNC share permissions for the WsusContent folder, alerting users if anonymous access is enabled.
  • Refined Microsoft Edge Declines: Granularity has been increased for Microsoft Edge decline options, providing more control.

Installer Improvements:

  • Basic Screen Reader Support: The installer now offers basic support for screen readers, enhancing accessibility.
  • Revamped Microsoft Edge Declines Page: The Microsoft Edge declines page within the installer has been reworked for improved usability.

Continued Commitment

At AJ Tek, we understand the value of a reliable WSUS maintenance tool. We’re dedicated to making WAM user-friendly and efficient, constantly striving to improve your experience. This commitment is reflected in our ongoing development of new features, bug fixes, and exceptional customer support.

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