Refund & Cancellation Policy

1. Refunds and Cancellation

1.1. Refunds: Once a payment has been made, no refunds will be issued. This policy applies to all products and services offered on our website. If it is our fault, we will happily correct it.

1.2. Cancellation at Any Time: Customers have the right to cancel their subscription at any time after the payment has been made. We understand that circumstances change, and you may need to discontinue your subscription.

2. Automatic Renewal

2.1. Renewal Process: Subscriptions are set to automatically renew at the end of the billing cycle (1 year). If you do not cancel before the renewal date, your subscription will be extended for another term (1 year).

2.2. Notification: We will send you 2 reminder emails before the renewal date, allowing you to make an informed decision. However, it is your responsibility to manage your subscription and cancel if needed. Please make sure that you allow and to send to your domain.

2.3. Early Renewal: As early as 30 days prior to your renwal, a “Renew Now” option will appear on the Subscription detail page under My Account > Subscriptions. This will bring you to the checkout process where you can pay with an existing card or use a new payment method. This will add 1 year to the existing period.

2.4. Manual Renewal: If it is your internal processes that are dictating manual renewals, you can cancel the subscription putting it into a pending-cancellation state. When you get the expiring licence notice 20 days before the expiry, you can do your internal processes (make an internal purchase request/purchase order, documentation, change payment information on our site, etc.) and then reactivate the subscription. This puts it into an “Active” state. You can then renew early using the “Renew Now” button (recommended) or allow it to automatically renew on the anniversary date. After the renewal, you can cancel the subscription starting the process over again.

3. How to Cancel

3.1. Online: As we are a self-service company, you must cancel the subscription(s) yourself from your My Account page on the website.

    1. Login to My Account.
    2. Click on the My Subscriptions menu on the left, or if you have multiple subscriptions, click on Subscriptions, and then click on the Subscription # you want to cancel.
    3. Under Actions, you’ll see a link to Cancel, Change payment, and possibly a Renew Now button.
    4. Click Cancel
    5. Verify that your subscription “Status” has changed to “Pending Cancellation” and that “Next payment date” has changed to “End date”.

4. Effect of Cancellation

4.1. Immediate Termination: Upon cancellation, your subscription will be terminated immediately and the status will change to “Pending Cancellation”. You will retain access to the service until the end of the current billing cycle. Once the end of the billing cycle is reached, the subscription will change to the “Cancelled” status and will not be renewed. If you have done this in error, there will be a “Resubscribe” button available for you to resubscribe with a new subscription based on what was in the cancelled subscription.

4.2. No Pro-Rated Refunds: We do not offer pro-rated refunds for partial months. The cancellation will take effect from the next billing cycle.