What Our Clients Say

After a lot of trouble with the WSUS, we bought and started the WAM scripts. At some point during the night, the “first run” completed and I couldn’t believe how smoothly the system ran next morning. No more high CPU consumption and no increased memory requirements and also cleaned up 500 GB stuff.
Now the server is running as it should and the WSUS is responsive. Thank you!

Ingo Riebensahm, IT-Management - Lobetalarbeit e.V.

Germany, March 6, 2024

THANKS again for the perfect Support, I have rarely seen anything like it.

Frank Kehlenbach

December 6, 2023

We’ve now got WAM installed and working and – WOW – does it work!

I have been throwing RAM and HDD space at this server for years, reinstalled, adjusted parameters and done manual repairs of the database and what not to keep it running stable. Lastly the SQL server started chewing constantly on some never ending task. But before wiping, we decided to get the latest WAM. Two runs, some adjustments according to the tips in the reports and WSUS is better than new. Even the SQL server seems to have lazy days now and the hardware got rid of about 1TB of unnecessary trash.

Thanks again, WAM was well spent money!

Raymond Hellberg, Senior Advisor ICT - National ICT Department

Statped, Heimdal, Norway, January 24, 2022

This is the way WSUS should work. Without this script it simply didn’t work at all for us and we were ready to give up and use a third party solution instead. The WAM script cleared up all the issues we were having and now WSUS is responsive and does what it is supposed to do. Great product, easy to install and configure.

Shane Overturf - Madison Valley Medical Center

Ennis, MT, USA, June 19, 2021

I have been fighting WSUS for years at various businesses I work with. I almost cringe when setting up WSUS because I know it will only work for a short time before becoming a slow crashing mess. After I installed the AJ TEK WSUS tool everything is working great. I save over 250GB of disk space on one of my internal WSUS servers. My WSUS server is snappy again and I have one less headache to deal with.

Rick Lawsha - RedEye Networks

Scottsdale, AZ, USA , December 4, 2020

Thanks AJ Tek Team!

You have taken the sting out of managing our WSUS infrastructure – what a great set-and-forget solution; it’s a must-have for all MSPs who like to do things right! I’d suggest anyone dipping their toe in reads your blogs first – it’s a perfect recipe and will save them countless hours.

Gerard Lill - Eclipse Technology Services

Australia, May 26, 2020

I am sending this email to support only because it’s the address I have. I have no issues with your product; rather, I wanted to let you know how much I love it. It just works. It keeps my WSUS server slim and efficient and does it all in the background.

Thank you for a fine product!


Dallas, Texas, USA , January 16, 2020

WSUS is a necessary tool for basic Windows patch management, and fortunately it is free. After having spent WAY TOO MUCH time managing WSUS trying to keep it healthy and reliable, I realized it’s “less free” than I thought – after all, time is money! What is your time worth?

Spend much time with the inevitable troubleshooting and repairing of WSUS, and you’ll soon discover mentioned in many forums a seemingly cure-all for WSUS’ woes, WSUS Automated Maintenance by AJ Tek. Though it once was free, it is now an extremely affordable subscription-based offering.

The install couldn’t have been easier, and it is very impressive the scope in which it keeps WSUS healthy. True to it’s name, it truly is an excellent Automated Maintenance solution for WSUS. Also impressive is the prompt reply to a question I had that I received from the author, which hints at the responsive support I can expect to receive as a new, paying, and very satisfied customer!
Thumbs UP ! Keep up the good work.

Bryan Keadle, Systems Engineer

Village of Palatine, USA , August 31, 2018

Eight months ago, after the abrupt departure of an employee, I took over management of our on-premise WSUS. Having little experience with WSUS I was having difficulty updating desktop builds, and providing updates to our complex development environment due to connection failures, and long download wait times. Since this was my first exposure to WSUS, I figured this was just another typical Microsoft product. I thought I was maintaining WSUS correctly with the Server Cleanup Wizard, and an SQL script I found on Spiceworks. However, over the past few months, WSUS became unbearably slow with constant errors on the clients, and server crashes. I found AJ Tek’s product from some blog posts, and decided for $60 it’s worth a try. AJ Tek’s WSUS Automated Maintenance product is truly amazing, and gives us the performance boost we were looking for. What usually took an hour or more to update a client PC, now takes maybe 10 minutes. Most of our clients and servers are now current. I’ve removed over 10 years of updates off the server that the previous admin had left probably due to the time it took to decline past updates. SUSDB shrank from 45GB to 6GB, and I freed up over 200GB of disk space. I recommend AJ Tek’s WSUS Automated Maintenance product because, up to this point in time, it has worked as advertised.

Jeff Wirth, IT Admin - Computers Unlimited

USA, August 8, 2018

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say what an great tool WAM is. My WSUS drive was growing and growing, and I kept throwing disk space at it and was up to almost 700GB. Nothing I tried would reduce the size and the built-in cleanup wizard always failed. Came across your tool, and thought for $60 its worth a try and bang! >500GB recovered!

Dan Robson, IT Manager – Global Technical Services

Watlow, United Kingdom , July 5, 2018

This a FANTASTIC script, and will be a standard install on all WSUS servers ongoing. Thank you.


Jan 21, 2018

I’m forever grateful to this script. This fixed the ERROR NODE CONNECTION of my WSUS console which have been haunting me for months now. Thank you very much!!


Jan 2, 2018

I’ve had a post-it stuck to the bottom of my monitor for about three months that says “Run WSUS Clean script” to remind me to run this script. Today I finally got round to running it. It worked first time thanks to the excellent instructions and I can report 421247.89 MB / 411.37 GB of disk space has been freed


Feb 23, 2018

WAM rocks! I’ve been fighting with WSUS which had grown to 540GB! Now down to 125GB and the database runs super fast. Thanks again.


Mar 27, 2018

I have been working with WSUS for over 10 years. WAM is absolutely fantastic. It simplifies the maintenance of the WSUS server, it’s like magic.
The Update Service Management Console is now lightning fast and never comes up with the ‘reset’ option.
Support, if needed, is fantastic. This software really does what it claims to do. I would recommend it to all WSUS administrators.

David Green, Diamond Singer Partners

Caulfield South Victoria, Australia, February 20, 2022

I had trouble with WSUS starting in May, when I had the audacity or naivety to run the native WSUS Cleanup tools. I knew I was in trouble the next morning when cleanup looked like it was still running but was actually hung and IIS had crashed. Fast forward three months: After countless fixes to keep WSUS/IIS from crashing, get clients to report, hundreds of “status unknown” updates hanging around, etc. I purchased WAM (found from rave reviews in the Spiceworks community). Installed it, did first run, it gave me 4 settings to change AND the PS commands to change them. VOILA, my issues are FIXED! Clients are reporting timely, IIS not stopping, no more status unknown in reporting and every workstation is up to date.

THANK YOU ADAM – YOU ARE NOW #1 ON MY FAVORITE CANADIANS LIST (Ryan Reynolds and Eugene Levy just fell to the #2 and 3 spots)!!

Mary Kay Cassidy, Systems Specialist

Harris, Karstaedt, Jamison & Powers, P.C., Colorado USA, September 21, 2021

I am sending this email to support only because it’s the address I have. I have no issues with your product; rather, I wanted to let you know how much I love it. It just works. It keeps my WSUS server slim and efficient and does it all in the background.

Thank you for a fine product!

Chuck Williamson, Network & Systems Engineer - Sunrise Windows

Temperance, MI, USA , October 5, 2020

AJ Tek’s WSUS Automated Maintenance has significantly decreased the data footprint of our WSUS server and is keeping it that way on a daily basis. Where we used to have continuous issues with uncontrollable database growth, failing reporting services and slow performance even with fresh installs of WSUS, these issues are now completely fixed. The software is easy to set up, and I was up and running in a matter of minutes. After the first run, half a TB of updates had been cleaned up (on a three month old WSUS server). Highly recommended to every WSUS Administrator out there!

Paul van Dam, Systems Administrator - Peinemann Corporate Services

The Netherlands , November 25, 2019

I was a little skeptical but after some testing, we went all in. I was convinced WSUS would never be a great product but with the tools here it was worth every single penny of spend to help optimize our install and make patching much easier! Thank you for sharing this great product!

Earl Grylls, Senior IT Director - EVP EyeCare

USA , December 19, 2018

Adam can teach Microsoft more than just WSUS magic. He can teach them something about response time. I emailed support at eight minutes after eight on a sleepy Sunday morning, and by eight-twenty-five Adam answered my question in a succinct and detailed manner that not only resolved the issue, but showed me how to verify the resolution.

Prior to WAM, WSUS management was a murky nightmare. WAM gives me the confidence to know I’m keeping my Windows boxes up to speed.

Paul Kolhoff, Director, Information Technology - United Methodist Family Services

USA , October 24, 2018

While spending countless hours trolling the internet looking for WSUS fixes and assistance, I kept coming across great feedback on the WSUS Automated Maintenance software. The hype is real – WAM has made a massive difference to my WSUS installation – I can’t imagine carrying out WSUS maintenance any other way! It’s so easy!

Justin Poppi, Technical Specialist - Port Hedland Seafarers Centre

Australia, July 14, 2018

AJ has made a wonderful script that takes the complexity out of managing your WSUS server. I have a small network and this script allows me to set it and forget it while still getting email updates.

Jason Gooljar, IT Director - Earth Day Network

USA , June 25, 2019

Brilliant script. It removed about 100GB and WSUS seems a lot quicker than before. So simple to use as well!


Mar 2, 2018

I need to add my comments! I’m been battling WSUS issues, big and small, for months now. I’m a bit of a purist, meaning I don’t like adding to running third party stuff again “MS best practices” setup, but I resorted to downloading and running WSUS Automated Maintenance this morning as a last ditch effort to resolve a few connectivity issues between a couple troublesome machines and a failure of systems to recognize and download 1607 and 1703 updates. But holy carp, the script run against my WSUS server (FOURTH rebuild in a month) actually fixed the connectivity issues I was having! Suddenly these mentally deranged 1607 boxes could see updates I’d pushed, were reporting to WSUS, and actually ready to install! I haven’t checked the 1709 upgrades yet, but I’m confident again! Thanks for saving what little hair I have left!

Steve In Reno - MCW-Reno

Dec 18, 2017

Wanted to leave another comment about how much this script helped. For the several months now I had been running the WSUS Server Cleanup wizard and was only freeing up a few GB of diskspace at a time. I had also been dealing with the dreaded Reset Node error that was getting more frequent. After running the -FirstRun script we freed 479 Gb of data and I haven’t seen the Reset Node error yet!!!! Really unbelievable how much data this freed up. Thanks again for this, what a tremendous help.


Apr 17, 2018

After 12 months of issues with PC’s not reporting in, 2 rebuilds of WSUS, and battling to keep it running, we bought your product. I wish I had done so sooner, The installation took approx 18hrs after which all my issues have gone. PCs are checking in during all PCs are present.

Darryl Elwin, IT Manager - Masterton Medical

New Zealand, February 3, 2023

After installing WSUS with a little initial success, I made the mistake of turning on the Drivers category. After waiting for a couple of synchronizations, it started failing to load so I googled an answer and increased the memory pool. Didn’t help running the app, but then, I started getting complaints from users that other services had stopped working. The larger memory pool was bringing down Remote Gateway so our remote workers all lost their connections. Other services stopped working too. After reverting the memory pool and getting everything restarted, I was in a catch-22. I couldn’t remove the driver updates, but couldn’t run the program with them there.

After spending many hours beating my head against the wall, I decided to spring for WAM and I’m so glad I did. It churned away and repaired all the problems and now WSUS is working fine. So worth it!

Jim Julian, Systems Administrator - Applicad Inc.

Farmingdale, NJ, USA , December 28, 2020

I have to admit, I am impressed with WAM. I installed WSUS on a virtual Win2019 box and was getting frustrated with constant error messages. WAM fixed everything, and WSUS is REALLY fast now. The product is worth every penny.

David Silberberg

Baltimore, Maryland, February 17, 2021

I want to say your product fixed my WSUS server when it would not even load. I thought I was seriously going to have to re-build it. The fact that it cleans up my WSUS daily and sends me the reports is a huge relief. I never worry about the clean up anymore.

Thanks for such an amazing product that everyone who runs WSUS should just have. We are happy customers.

Thanks for the personal support. It is rare to get support from the owner of the company these days. Appreciate it so much.

Jason Casale, IT - Camouflaj Game Studio (Makers of Iron Man VR for the Sony Playstation 4)

Bellevue, Washington, USA , March 3, 2020

I have been using this software for over 3 years now, like many, many customers when it was free. It is simply the best possible maintenance software that exists and is a must for a every WSUS system. Totally worth the price. This software should be bundled with WSUS by default. No other WSUS script on the market even comes close to what this software can do and is still getting better, year after year.

Thumbs UP ! Keep up the good work.

Patrick Charaoui, Systems Administrator - Maximus-Systems

Quebec, Canada, March 5, 2020

Very grateful for this product, thanks a bunch Adam! This will immensely minimize the time and effort we put into the manual maintenance our WSUS environment. The script freed up 200+gigs!! Also, really appreciate the quick support responses and guidance. This was money well spent for us. WAM rocks!

Robert Simmonds, Security Admin - A Global Security Company

March 29, 2019

Managing WSUS can, and has always proven to be, an enormous problem in our environment. Years ago I stumbled across Adams script to automate WSUS maintenance and life instantly got so much easier. I’ve used this script at multiple employers over the years. Most recently at my current job supporting over 200 production VMs. The difference between relying on just the built in Cleanup Wizard and WAM is striking. Before the script we were seeing constant errors on a WSUS platform that was unbearably slow and a huge resource hog. With the WAM software we recovered more than 500GB of space in unneeded updates and have a WSUS solution that runs cleaner, faster and well…runs. The install was incredibly simple, clean and fully automated. We get regular reports from WAM outlining the steps taken on its scheduled runs, so we always know that it’s doing its job and keeping our house clean. Add to that the incredible price tag of $60. For which we get amazing, and prompt support and don’t have to dig through mountains of blog posts to find solutions that this software rolls into one incredibly efficient package. We would gladly pay far more for this product, given the high level of support and functionality of the product.

Benjamin Simpson, Sr. Systems Administrator - Viega LLC

USA , July 19, 2019

While spending hours searching the internet looking for WSUS fixes and assistance, we came across WAM. There was great feedback on the WSUS Automated Maintenance software. After a test period from the advice of the engineer, my technical team loved it. We forged ahead and did 89 of our servers and it cleaned up space and WSUS is working much better.

Anthony Brice, Manager of Information and Communications Technologies - Kawartha Pineridge District School Board

Canada, October 11, 2018

Worked exactly as advertised. My drive has slowly grown to 700GB over time. After running this once, I now have recovered over 500GB of that space. Well done!


Mar 12, 2018

Many thanks for resolving my issue. Top class support for this must have tool!


Feb 23, 2018

This is an excellent script that makes WSUS work they way it should ‘out-of-the-box’.


Mar 26, 2018

I’ve seen this script on here for a long time now and never worried. I’m an IT genius so why on earth would I need this, there is no way it can help that much anyway. Well after 1 too many server node reset screens I finally decided I had to try something before I go insane and set fire to the server room. IT WORKS! Oh my God it works so well! Being the paranoid type I spent a while going through the script, put a few # in front of things I didn’t want, specifically creating the auto tasks. I then had a moment of “Do I run this on the C drive or D drive?” D drive is where I get WSUS to put the updates. Figured, it’s a virtual server so I’ll just roll it back when it goes wrong. It didn’t go wrong and for anyone else, you run it on the C drive. No idea what I’m going to do with 398.98 gb I just saved but I think I’ll shrink the drive then enable the schedule! I had no idea the WSUS console could be this fast! If anyone else is as paranoid as me just take a brave pill and give it a go. I’ve never wanted to hug someone so much in my life.


Jan 29, 2018

I’ve had a post-it stuck to the bottom of my monitor for about three months that says “Run WSUS Clean script” to remind me to run this script. Today I finally got round to running it. It worked first time thanks to the excellent instructions and I can report 421247.89 MB / 411.37 GB of disk space has been freed


Mar 25, 2018