What is WSUS Automated Maintenance?

WSUS Automated Maintenance (WAM) © is a software solution that takes the maintenance required for WSUS and automates it. It was created by Adam J. Marshall and is licensed on a yearly subscription basis through AJ Tek.

There are a number of different areas that require maintenance for WSUS. Some of them are:

  • Backing up the database.
  • If using the Drivers category, removing the current listed drivers to clean up the bulk of the drivers that are old and not used. New drivers will sync normally.
  • Declining multiple types of updates including superseded, beta, preview, expired and Itanium by default.
  • Compressing update revisions.
  • Cleaning up computer objects.
  • Renaming OS descriptions to make it easier to identify systems.
  • Cleaning up the synchronization logs with Microsoft.
  • Removing declined updates from the database.
  • Running the database maintenance routine.
  • Running the Server Cleanup Wizard (SCW)

WAM allows you to take back control of your WSUS instance (or SUP/DP instances in an SCCM environment) and frees up time for other priorities. If WSUS is not maintained properly, it will become slow, bloated, and cause errors that will take away valuable time from an IT Administrator to troubleshoot and resolve.