So, the way the software works is that it will wipe out all drivers from the database on -FirstRun as you’ve found out. This cleans them out using SQL code. This is not necessarily bad so long as the systems had the latest drivers already installed. This is good because you don’t have to deal with the thousands (last I checked it was over 60,000 drivers on the initial sync) of driver updates clogging up your database.  Only NEW drivers will be added to the metadata and be available for approval for your systems. This keeps your database clean.

Every Quarter (months, 1,4,7,10 by default – configurable), the QuarterlyRun will then remove the Drivers again – this time through PowerShell commands using the WSUS API that Microsoft has provided, ONLY removing Drivers that have been Declined.

The next time a Surface or any other driver comes out, you WILL get it and have it available for approval.

If you don’t want this to happen, you can modify the WAM Configuration to not run the drivers removal in the QuarterlyRun, but I suggest to leave it as is as it cleans out old drivers that you have declined and no longer need on a continual basis.