New Version of WAM 2023.01

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Another one! Here we are, 8 years from our launch and heading into 2023, still making WAM even better. With this update, we continue to save you time and frustration by improving WAM once again to make it even more user-friendly and efficient. WAM 2023.01 also comes with enhanced support, bug fixes, and handy features. Check them all out here!

WAM 2023.01 New Features 

Some of the new WAM 2023.01 features include:

  • WAM Upgrade Self-Healing – detects errors in upgrades and automatically fixes them if possible
  • Improved Upgrade-Configuration so it’s more resilient and efficient 
  • New feature SQLDatabaseShrink which will run DBCC shrink quarterly
  • Added support for using Microsoft Graph to email WAM’s reports 
  • Added Windows 10 22H2, Windows 11 21H2, and Windows 11 22H2 to Decline Multiple Types of Updates
  • Added Windows 11 22H2, Windows 10 22H2, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC, and Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC, to Rename OS Descriptions
  • Added a warning if the WSUS server had synchronized the erroneous Windows Insider Dev Channel which can prevent successful WSUS synchronizations 

WAM 2023.01 Updates

We’ve made the following updates for WAM 2023.01:

  • Added # prefix to notices for recommended settings in reports so users can copy/paste the commands easily into the WAM shell from the report
  • Updated Office declines to support renamed Office 365 Client (now Microsoft 365 Apps)
  • Added a shortcut to the start menu for easily accessing WAM’s configuration GUI
  • Cleaned up WAM’s configuration
  • Fixed InstallTask TXT output containing useless info
  • Fixed missing information in HelpMe

WAM 2023.01 Bug Fixes

Enjoy these bug fixes with WAM 2023.01:

  • Added a check to InstallTask to check if the current user is the dbo on the WSUS database on remote servers
  • Fixed issue in Upgrade-Configuration where comments were improperly merged
  • Fixed weekly email reporting not sending emails after switching to daily reporting
  • Fixed InstallTask not running with the highest privileges
  • Fixed InstallTask not working with some locales
  • Fixed some WinRM related issues when running InstallTask‌

WAM 2023.01 Installer Changes

Look for these additional improvements and fixes:

  • Fixed various hangs/crashes on the WAM installer
  • Added a ‘Select All’ button to the language list configuration page in the installer
  • Fixed a bug in the installer where file extension filters weren’t properly applied when selecting a license

Why WAM?

WAM takes care of your server, keeping it up-to-date and healthy with just a little bit of help from you. It reduces your workload and gives the peace of mind that your servers will be properly maintained while you focus on bigger, more important IT tasks.

If you’re looking to cut out tedious administrative tasks, invest in WAM.

At AJ Tek, our vision is to make IT simple and automated for other IT professionals. Our flagship product is WAM, WSUS Automated Maintenance. This system performs all of the tasks that a WSUS Administrator needs to do to maintain WSUS properly only leaving the approving of updates and reporting to the WSUS Administrator.

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